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swingwithyourwife.comCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEGet your partner literally begging to swing with you in 30 days or less – no matter how reluctant they are right now!

You dream of having threesomes, trying group sex, visiting a swingers club, watching your wife being pleasured by another man (or men), multiple men pleasuring you at the same time, attending free-for-all swingers orgies….. You’d like to be part of the swing lifestyle…

Or worse, you are made to feel bad about wanting to try swinging and even having fantasies at all …..

The truth is there are thousands of couples across the globe having amazing sexual fun as swingers…

Men AND gorgeous women……enjoying the swing lifestyle – living their fantasies, having rollicking, uninhibited, mind-blowing, no-holds-barred sex with others….the sort of spine-tingling sexy fun that nearly everyone secretly wishes they could have…. but only a small percentage actually do.

Wouldn’t you love it for you and your husband or wife to join that elite group for whom the sex is endlessly exciting and adventurous?

My name is Michael Andrews and I’m known as the Swinging Coach. Over the past few years I’ve helped literally hundreds of people get into the swinging lifestyle by helping them overcome their biggest problem – getting their partner interested.

And in my new book, “How To Turn Your Partner Into A Swinger” I’ll show you a breakthrough four-step process that literally rewires your partner’s belief system about sex, swinging and sexual fantasies…..

Researched and proven using some of the latest scientific knowledge of human behaviour and sexual psychology, this is a system that is simple and extremely effective.

“It’s brilliant!” I loved that this ebook went deeper than I expected; it’s more than just getting more sex and sex with other people. With a title like that I was skeptical about the content and thought it might have stayed with more surface level how-to; providing no substance but a titillating title. I’m glad to say I am more than happy to be wrong on this occasion. In all honesty, this ebook focuses on what someone really needs to do in order to create a solid relationship and THAT is what gets more sex and creates the opportunity for the relationship to explore swinging. It’s brilliant! Oh wait; did I just give the punchline away? Oh well, even those who aren’t interested in swinging would gain a great deal from the relationship building content. Mike Andrews has the experience and has clearly done his research; it’s obvious that personal development is a passion of his. He uses principles that I also use to help couples create better relationships! He has basically written the book I had intended to write but if the truth be known, I think he’s done a better job of it than I would have! Now THAT is saying something! It’s very easy to read, it’s humourous and witty while providing extraordinary value.”

“Turn Your Partner Into A Swinger” IS about creating a whole new foundation for your relationship that will make swinging a natural – and wonderfully exciting – outcome.

And create dramatic, lasting results that will lead you both down a new path of sexual intimacy and exploration.

" Will do a lot for the sexual relationship of all couples" The authour, Mike Andrews has a good grasp on why swingers swing and conversely dispels the notion that real swingers are cheaters uninterested in their current partner, or out to hurt one another. This ebook teaches you how to discuss the plausibility of swinging with your partner. Whether your partner is male or female, the suggested thought process will help you broach the subject, which can be difficult for some." We think the book will do a lot for the sexual relationship of all couples, whether you really want to be a swinger or not.

"I  really like how this book .." … doesn’t just dive right into the sexual side of swinging, Michael actually discusses what you need in your relationship before you even consider swinging. A must read for all couples, not just those who want to become swingers.

" I am so impressed with the quality of this book" It is well written and if I didn’t know better I would think that my Miguel had read this before meeting me, lol! I think your steps are right on with getting people to be more open to swinging. That’s good for me too cause it adds more variety to our "shopping" when there are more swingers!

"An excellent resource……" For couples interested in getting into swinging or even just as an activity to build an existing relationship.

"A new lease on our sex life……" After 21 years of marriage our sex life had drifted into a routine that was, to put it bluntly, downright boring. Your book has given us a new lease on our sex life. We had our first couple-swapping experience the other day and it was awesome! The way she got into it, I couldn’t believe that she was the same woman.

If you’re even just SLIGHTLY CURIOUS about trying swinging and don’t know how to start, you should read this book!

This specially designed Workbook will keep you on track and massively speed up your progress as you lead your wife into the swinging lifestyle. Many people have commented that this is even more valuable than the book itself!

This best-selling book by Michael Webb is chock full of wonderful ideas that will really get your love life sizzling! Webb has been featured on Oprah and has been labeled “The World’s Most Romantic Man”.

Improve your sexual health without harmful side effects or outrageous costs! A fantastic book that can help you reawaken the teenage sexual beast within you, revealing the foods to favour and avoid. This is information that will not just improve your libido but your general health as well.

This book has TRANSFORMED… Read more…

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