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Survive Her Affair – The First & Only Man’s Guide To Healing And Dealing When Your Wife Cheats

Survive Her Affair - The First & Only Man's Guide To Healing And Dealing When Your Wife CheatsCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEForgive? Maybe. Forget? No way in hell. If you want to be free of the insecurity that comes when your wife cheats, and start enjoying the inner peace, confidence, and sanity you deserve, this will be the most important letter you ever read… GUARANTEED.

When I found out my wife cheated, I felt humiliation, rage, jealousy, embarrassment… and just plain hurt.

I couldn’t believe my wife could do this to me – in fact, I never thought of my wife as the "cheating kind."

After all I had done for her… after I basically had given my life to her… this is how she repays me?

Because even if they LOOKED like there were written for both women and men… I later discovered they weren’t really written for us guys… they were written for WOMEN.

I was talking to the owner of one of these other sites, and he told me a secret that a lot of online "affair experts" don’t want us guys to know:

So… the publishers and authors write all their stuff to make sure they’re helping their audience… which is almost entirely female.

This leaves us guys scratching our heads, wondering why the advice we read doesn’t really "hit home" for us.

Before I share with you the only resource on the web – that’s right, the ONLY one – designed to help us GUYS when our wife cheats, I want to tell you something very important and close to my heart.

Have you ever found yourself analyzing why your wife cheated, wondering what more you could have done to keep your wife happier and prevented the affair?

You’re both responsible for your side of the street, so to say… but the affair isn’t your fault.

When women go through hard emotional times – like when an affair happens – they have no problem going to their girlfriends, spilling the beans, and getting some support.

We keep our hurt feelings more to ourselves… which is great for going out in the world and kicking ass… but not great when it comes to going through serious emotional trauma…

But as I began doing my own research, I discovered something I would have never guess in a million years…

So the next time you’re at the grocery store, at the filling station, at the airport – hell, the next time you’re anywhere – look around at the men, and realize many of the men you see have gone through what you’re going through right now.

And that’s an important fact to remember over and over again, as you’re dealing with the pain, the jealousy, the betrayal, and the anger.

Many of us guys try to "minimize" the gut-wrenching heartache that a cheating wife makes us feel.

There are certain events in life that cause HUGE STRESS in our lives – in fact, the top all-time stressful events are:

One of the most common and PAINFUL complaints guys have is the haunting images of their wife with another guy. Here’s how to get these images out of your head – and enjoy peace of mind once again (Page 44)

Your wife lied to you to cover up her affair. Here’s shocking research that shows why women are literally BRED to lie about affairs – and a simple trick so you can spot it the next time any woman (including your wife) lies to you (Page 30)

81% of the men I surveyed said there were warning signs. Here’s why guy don’t confront the other guy as strongly as we should before it’s too late – and how to never make this same mistake twice (Page 31)

Are you torn by the decision to either try to save the marriage, or not? Many guys make the WRONG decision, and for the WRONG reasons… and they don’t even know it. And that means they go on to suffer for months or even years longer than they need to, while their whole life gets sucked into a "tailspin." I don’t want this to happen to you. Here’s how to know for sure whether you should stay or go, and what the right reasons are for YOU in your unique situation (Page 105)

A simple trick to take the edge off the pain INSTANTLY (you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t do this one sooner!) (Page 37)

If you want to save your marriage, here’s why proving to your wife that you’ll be a "better" husband may make you lose your marriage instead of save it… and what to do instead (Page 107)

The reason us guys have a harder time dealing with affairs than women – and what to do about it (Page 16)

How much of the "details" of the affair do you really need to know, to heal and move on? Getting the wrong kind of details can actually make your pain WORSE. Here’s what to do (Page 38)

If you have kids like I do, you’re #1 priority is to protect them. Sadly, affairs can stress kids out and leave lasting impressions that hurt them long term. Here are 5 things you should do to protect your kids from the dangers of the affair (Page 51)

Why your wife is the one responsible for her affair – no matter how she tries to blame you for it (Page 73)

"The Good Husband Trap" – what it is, why it sets up us guys for heartbreak in our marriage, and how you can get yourself out of it IMMEDIATELY (Page 76)

Many guys worry that their wife enjoyed sex with the other guy more than with them. Here’s how to stop this "sexual insecurity" dead in its’ tracks (Page 41)

The #1 factor that determines who a wife will cheat with (Hint: It’s not looks, money, or fame… and once you know it, you’ll have a deeper understanding of exactly why your wife cheated) (Page 55)

Who has more power in the marriage – you or your wife? Discover how this played a part in her infidelity (Page 72)

The "myth" that society… Read more…

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