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Natural Attraction & Success with Women: ‘Men’s Guide to Women’

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Do you think you can BE that man? I am talking about becoming a pure natural that is SO good with women, you have to keep them from bugging you to sleep with you again.

I’m talking about having more success by using FEWER pick up lines and techniques and being the one that women actually fight over to get despite your looks.

You CAN be this man and skyrocket your success to unparalleled levels with women everywhere you go.

This is a LEVERAGE of power (pure natural) that even the top seducers have not harnessed because they don’t understand it. I want to teach you success on a level that is almost unnatural, if you’ll open your mind up for a few minutes…this info could really change your life and add unlimited value to your lifestyle.

This whole style and foundation I like to call being an ‘uber-player’; a man who is so natural and fearless around women and who knows how to naturally attract and keep women in his orbit wherever he goes.

In order to reach this shamanistic level of success with women you’re going to need some massive leverage of change in order to connect with some important and overlooked factors.

You’re going to have to align yourself with multiple levels of reality and truly discover ‘what women want’ as well.

Even learning pickup lines and techniques will NOT give you this level of power and effectiveness, but you ARE in the right place right now to start to achieve this level of success and fearlessness when it comes to dealing with women and getting laid.

You don’t have to learn things that feel uncomfortable either because you will be empowered in who you are (just as honey herself is empowered).

Getting accustomed to using seduction techniques and pick up lines IS NOT the pure answer to your REAL success; there is a power that is yours that is much greater which until now, no one has even discovered or brought up in it’s raw form.

Don’t you deserve to have your definition of ‘relationships’ with the kind of women you REALLY want? What has been stopping you? Does it feel awkward and unnatural when dealing with beautiful women?

Hey, someone’s got to ‘date’ these beautiful women and it may as well be YOU instead of the emotionally unhealthy, ignorant ‘jerk’ that she always seems to attract.

If you’ll read along for the next several minutes, you’re going to start to discover today’s ‘Great Dating Paradox’ and then how you can have beautiful, sexy and even intelligent women wanting to be around you and have sex with a man like you because you give them the feelings of desire and fulfillment that they can’t explain.

When you leave your success to the variable results of seduction, pickup, NLP, etc. you are going to get a lot more rejection to get fewer results than with what I can teach you.

I will start opening your mind to the greatest breakthrough ever in this history of our modern social dynamics and dealing with women. I can show you how you can live the life of your dreams while becoming a more aligned and centered man.

What makes me worthy to teach you? Unlike most seduction gurus who were frustrated with women and not had any success and then had a breakthrough, I have had natural success with beautiful women (if you signed up for my email list I will tell you more through time)..

I had a chance to skim your book, and it has me intrigued. A lot of books I actually skim and just decide that they are regurgitated info from our site, other methods, etc…

..I was impressed by the global perspective in particular…I’m curious how you came to have this global perspective (I probably missed that while skimming).

If you feel you don’t ‘deserve’ to have beautiful quality women in your life, then you should leave now or be the one who reads EVERY line of this page.

there are now opportunities where you can ‘score’ some of the hottest women due to a very specific reason (which I can tell you later). I am talking about pure

What you thought was ‘real’ is only covering up something much deeper, much more important that causes women to react to you often without you even saying ANYTHING.

So what’s the holdup from having relationships with these types of beautiful women? Do they sometimes not give you more than the time of day even if you are a good-looking guy?

Does it still feel like something ‘wasn’t right’? That you can’t explain why women treat you like this and why it’s so hard to have success with beautiful women?

Yes, it’s true: what you have been taught (even the stuff you thought was good) and how you have behave(d) is still massively limiting your REAL success with women.

I want to let you in on something maybe only a handful of people in the world truly understand. This starts to explain why you’re having such a hard time having success with women. First, let me tell you

You ARE a real man aren’t you? Of course. But there are a lot of things that are going on which really explain our modern social dating/mating dynamics that are really hindering your success MASSIVELY and if you can’t ‘see it’ you’re going to continue to have lackluster success.

But once you understand all of the contexts involved, you will be able to give today’s beautiful women what ‘they want’ as well as fulfilling your desires. You can be ‘their greatest catch’.

This is the thought that is confusing American men, like yourself (and me previously), "Why do women treat us the way they do and act all stuck up?"

You have been ‘programmed’ by society to live in a ‘Forced Reality’… Read more…

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