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30 Day Lucid Bootcamp: The Best Lucid Dreaming Course In 2018

30 Day Lucid Bootcamp: The Best Lucid Dreaming Course In 2018CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEYou’ll be having incredible lucid dreams within 20 days, flying across mountains and experiencing the impossible if you follow my unique, highly effective lucid dreaming obstacle course.

‘The 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp could be the most effective lucid dreaming course or method that I’ve ever taken.. following these steps it actually seemed hard NOT to have a lucid dream’ – Jason – Bootcamp student

In case you don’t already know, lucid dreaming is pretty incredible. It allows you to experience impossible adventures in your sleep. Here are some reasons lucid dreaming’s awesome:

It’s an incredible feeling and MILLIONS of people all around the world are learning and practicing it, and having crazy and intense lucid dreaming adventures.. Adventures in which they do things they never even thought were possible..

Lucid dreaming can be very difficult to learn as a beginner. It’s difficult to actually start having lucid dreams, as you probably know. To have regular, vivid and high quality lucid dreams take a lot of practice, and often you just don’t know where to start!

If you’re reading this, I KNOW how you feel, really. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING to lucid dream, and sometimes it was very frustrating because nothing was working for me.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand how it worked, it just didn’t seem to CLICK for me. This course will change all of that for you. It’s easy to just close this tab and carry on wtih your day but you’d be missing out on SO MANY incredible lucid dreaming adventures and experiences if you did that.. so just stick with me for just a few minutes more:

If you were nodding your head to any of those, you’re not alone: There are many people just like you who are struggling, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Often, the REASON you’re not having lots of lucid dreams is just that you’re not practicing the right things, at the right time. I’ve created a solution that works for everyone, by telling you what to practice, and when. It guarantees that you’ll have a lucid dream (or many more) very quickly, and it works very reliably.

Your lucid bootcamp contains several hand picked, powerful lucid dreaming exercises (explained in much more detail that any tutorials you could find online or anywhere else) along with my personal tips from my 7 years of lucid dreaming experiences.

The bootcamp is for serious lucid dreamers only. It’s not for people who just want to mess around with lucid dreaming once, and then never practice it again. It really works but it does require you to devote about 3-5 minutes a day to practice the things mentioned.

The bootcamp is simple but not easy, and the exercises you’ll need to follow will take up at least 3 minutes of your day, every day. NOT a huge amount of time, I know, but you need to be committed to doing it every day for the 30 days.

That being said, you can always save the bootcamp for later, if you’re not ready to do it now, that’s totally fine too! The point is this: Don’t get the bootcamp if you’re not serious about lucid dreaming. Don’t get it if you’re just here to read a few articles.

This isn’t for EVEYONE, and the idea behind it is that by investing some money into it and printing out a schedule, you’re proven to be 6 times more likely to stick to it, practice the methods, and therefore get the results (in this case, have lucid dreams). It’s very effective but only if you REALLY want to lucid dream!

The Lucid Bootcamp has been designed, written, and created by an experienced lucid dreamer, FOR other lucid dreamers. It’s been written in a way that makes SURE you’ll lucid dream. The way I’ve done this is by thinking long and hard about what I struggled with, and what people I know struggled with when FIRST learning how to lucid dream.

The course is structured around that, so that if you just follow the daily instructions, you’ll lucid dream. Other ebooks and courses about lucid dreaming seem to focus on one particular thing or aspect of it, missing the bigger picture and not effectively teaching people how to lucid dream.

SURE, there are lots of ebooks, and courses that teach you ABOUT lucid dreaming, in GREAT detail.. BUT, they don’t really show you how to lucid dream, effectively and reliably. Certainly not as reliably as this bootcamp will.

Also, probably the most important point is that with other courses, or books you can read them, sure. But then what?

The chances you’ll actually take action, DAILY for a month or two are slim to none. Most people read other books and find them interesting but it ends there. They put them down, forget about them and never lucid dream.

With the bootcamp, each specific day for a MONTH is broken down on a printable calendar telling you EXACTLY what to do, each day. (And don’t worry, no two days are the same). This, combined with the psychological aspect of you spending money on this mean that you’re VERY likely to take action and put effort in to make it work, and THAT is why this is probably the most effective lucid dreaming course on the internet.

This is in no way intended to boast, but I’ve achieved some great things in my lucid dreams and I’ve taught thousands of people (Over 3568 bootcamp students so far, and over 29,678 email subscribers taking my lucid dreaming lessons) how to control their dreams. I’ve also collected over 33,000 YouTube subscribers and I give regular advice and teachings… Read more…

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